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FREE safety first brake inspection! What are your brakes telling you? Grinding, squeaking, shaking?

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With every Oil Change, we offer a FREE Full visual Inspection - Tires, Fluids, Brakes, etc. Oil is the lifeblood

Depending on the vehicle you have, your vehicle’s Timing Belt should be changed between 60k-100k miles.

Your car’s Air Conditioning and Heating System shares the same air ducts, controls, and blower unit.

Why Is an Oil Change Important?


When you understand the purpose of engine oil, it will make perfectly good sense why oil change services are vital to the health of your vehicle's engine.

All of the moving parts within your engine (like pistons, valves, and other internal components) create friction, and friction creates heat. Summit car owners may be surprised to learn that oil performs up to 40% of the engine's cooling by reducing the friction and absorbing the heat that is still released.

We carry the following grades of oil so that whatever your vehicle requires, we have you covered:

  • Conventional
  • Synthetic blend
  • Fully synthetic

Looking for the best place to get an oil change near me in Summit? Come to Full Throttle Auto Service!

Oil Change Services Near the Summit Area


Because of the role oil plays in your engine's performance, delaying or skipping a needed oil change service can have a very detrimental effect. Summit vehicle owners may be faced with warranty problems if it is a new car, or component warpage, blown head gaskets, and last but not least, complete engine failure.

Even though oil change services are a routine maintenance procedure, how often they are needed varies. It can depend upon the car's make, model, age, and even mileage. Most new vehicles today utilize an onboard oil-life monitoring system, so the guesswork is replaced with a dashboard alert.

Under the following conditions, your vehicle may need a severe service plan:

  • Mostly short trips in and around Summit (under 5 miles)
  • Excessive stop-and-go driving (think freeways)
  • Transporting heavy loads
  • Towing trailers

Summit residents can request an appointment or reach out to us at 206-331-6475.

Why is My Car Leaking Oil?


No one wants to deal with an oil leak. However, taking care of it sooner rather than later is the smartest thing to do. Even a small oil leak is robbing your engine of necessary lubrication, and worse yet, a small one can end up being a major oil leak if left unchecked. If Summit residents want to reduce the risk of more expensive oil leaks or engine repair bills in the future, make time to bring your vehicle in soon.

Keep in mind, driving throughout the Summit area with an oil leak creates a potential fire hazard. This is why we do NOT recommend simply adding oil because the dipstick says it is low.

Obvious signs of an oil leak include:

  • Driveway oil puddles or stains
  • Engine smoke (under the hood)
  • The smell of burning oil
  • Blue tailpipe smoke

If you reside in Summit or work in the area and suspect your vehicle has an oil leak, give us a call. Full Throttle Auto Service - 206-331-6475

Brake Special Starts at $249 per Axle**