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Steve and Parichat Pinney are the owner’s of each business listed above, and are committed to helping local businesses. That is why we have set the goal to partner with over 100 local businesses! We are looking to work with local family-owned businesses that have a five-star reputation, a great product, and the right attitude to succeed. We partner with these companies by focusing on marketing opportunities, brand appeal, and financial assistance.


Full Throttle Auto Sales have committed to donate $100 of every vehicle sold each month to the Charity of the Month, and Full Throttle Auto Service have committed 5% of profit to be donated every month to the Charity of the Month! Parichat & Steve Pinney’s Mission is sustainable support for those in need around the world, which is the driving reason for partnering with other businesses and investors with Pinney Capital Investments to help make a difference through charitable giving.

We look forward to supporting small businesses and creating lasting success that leads to a better life for those we partner with and those who will be affected by their donations.

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